Responsive Design

Sequential’s layout adjusts itself depending on the device you are using.


This means your site will look good not only on laptop browsers, but also on devices with smaller screens, such as the iPad and the iPhone.

Options and Features

Theme Options


Sequential comes packed with multiple Theme Options available via the Customizer:

  • Show Tagline: display the site description underneath the site title.
  • Top Area Content: display some content above the header — perfect for a phone number or an email address.
  • Front Page: Featured Page One: select a page to feature on the Front Page Template. *
  • Front Page: Featured Page Two: select a page to feature on the Front Page Template. *
  • Front Page: Show Page Titles: display the page titles on the Front Page Template.

* For any of the featured pages selected for the front page, keep in mind that if you choose your posts page, the front page will display excerpts and featured images of your latest blog posts.

Custom Page Templates

Sequential has three custom page templates that are great for business and corporate websites:

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